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Feb 21, 2023
Official Press Release by the Office of External Affairs
Department Of Homeland Security

This Press Release is in regard to an officer involved shooting that occurred at approximately 6:30 pm February 27th 2023. This incident involved officers from the San Bernardino Sherriff's Office and the Department Of Homeland Security for the rest of the Press Release shall be referred to as DHS). The involved deputy initiated a traffic stop on an unmarked DHS vehicle which the driver of complied with all orders given until he could identify himself to the deputy. Following which a light green Ford F-150 parked at the scene on the road leading towards the Barstow Gun Store at which point the deputy who was conversing with the DHS officer sees a white male with a dark green top and grey jeans step out of the green Ford. The male draws a 9 millimeter pistol from his waistband then the deputy draws his service weapon and opens fire at the man as he raises his pistol at the deputy who fires 6 shots at the male which strike him in the torso region. EMS was called and the deputy and DHS officer proceeded to try and save the man after securing the weapon. When EMS arrived on the scene they continued with the attempt to save the mans life which was unsuccessful and the man was declared deceased at the scene, following this the coroner was called to take custody of the deceased man who was transported to the morgue where he has was identified and the family notified.
The San Bernardino Sherriff's Office placed the Deputy on administrative leave while an independent and internal investigation are conducted to see if the use of force is justified .

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Department Of Homeland Security
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Special Agent Gunner120089

For further information regarding this incident please contact Special Agent Gunner120089 .

The following images have been released by the Sheriff's Department under the Freedom Under the Freedom of Information Act
Public Information Released Image.PNGPublic Information Released Image 2.PNG
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