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Jun 2, 2023
Roblox Username: aidewhwwhw
Roblox User ID: 13905922711
Discord username(they removed tags): aidewhwwhw.
Initial Ban Date: 7/10/2023 8:51:10 AM
Description Of Incident: I had RDM'ed and ban evaded. I had bought platinum and I was using the guns I had received from it, I was then caught killing people. Yes I understand it is bad and unfair for other people, and I also understand it makes the game less fun for other role-players and I apologize for it. It was a stupid mistake and I shouldn't have done it, as I knew the consequences, and new how it would make others feel. and again I am sorry for my actions, I didn't have intention to ruin anyone else's role-play experience, and I wasn't thinking properly. Yet again, I apologize for my stupid, and undecisive actions, and I promise it wont happen again.
Reason Of Appeal: Ban evasion and MRDM.

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Good evening. Your appeal has been denied. Unfortunately, your ban evasion by using the ALT account to commit the same problem you did with your main account is unacceptable.  One of the managers already denied your appeal in Discord; it will go the same here. I hope this will be a grateful lesson for you to understand how not to ruin other people for your own sake.


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