Ban Appeal.


New member
Jul 11, 2023
Roblox username: Yavon_Technologies

Discord username: itsaydynnn_

RP name: Connor Banks

Ban Length: 2 days

Banning staff member: @GlockOps

Ban reason: RDM

Time of occurance: 6:44 PM PST

Extra description of incident: I was chasing Froggboy5555, and he stopped after a little while,

I said "HANDS!" and drew my gun and aimed down the Glock 17 RMR sight, which blocked most of my view of his body.

He then made a sudden movement, which was slightly turning and I saw something like his hands raised up like he had a gun

I panicked, thinking he had a gun out, so I shot him twice in the head.

Why I should be unbanned: It was an accident, movement made him look like he had a gun out.