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Jul 30, 2023
Roblox Username: SRDAltz | Discord Tag: arc (arcboyo) | Your RP Name: "Castillo Torres" | Ban Length: 4 days | Banning Staff Member: matt221004 | Ban Reason: RDM x2 | Why I should be unbanned: Well to be honest, I genuinely enjoy Perris and I'm glad I'm donating to Mountain Interactive with the subscriptions. I believe I should be unbanned because I realized my mistake of committing RDM on two civilians who were not apart of the RP scene. Secondly, I really hope to play Perris soon as it is one of my favorite Roblox games and I've dedicated time to just patrolling the streets of Perris because I enjoy it. I will not commit the same mistake again and I'm sorry to the two who's experience I ruined. | Time of Occurrence: 6:04 PM PST | Additional members involved/witnessing: [RBLX: mds7225, MI: mds7225] (He was apart of the active shooter scene yet was not there during the clip for he had gotten killed earlier.) | Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Positive Y.

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