Ban Appeal


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May 3, 2023
Ban Length: Permanent
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @David

Ban Reason: RDM
Why I should be unbanned: The primary reason I should be unbanned, or at least have the sentence reduced is because of the announcement stating that RDM is a twelve-hour ban. I have been banned permanently. I make my case that the incident in question was not RDM. The person that had filed the complaint was an officer that was killed by me. Undoubtedly, he was upset, and thus, his filing of my report was incorrect. I had spoken with Community Contributor Ellie, and I asked that if killing that happened at a traffic stop was RDM. She replied "no". This is the case that I make my appeal. I have attached a picture of the kill logs. The timeframe that the incident in question occurred was 4 minutes. It was during a traffic stop and continued when I fled to the Little Caesar's across the street. Also visible is the person that filled the report. The person filing claimed that he was dealing with an isolated incident. This is not true. He was in close proximity to my incident and even aimed his rifle at me. He claimed to have been shot in the back of the head. This is not true. As visible in the kill logs, another cop was killed in the same minute as he. This is distinct proof that he was working with other cops and was a part of my incident, thus ruling out RDM. A logical case is also made, if 4 cops are within a vicinity close enough that I may target and kill them, is it logically feasible that Cipherion would have heard the gunshots and continued on with his supposed isolated incident? The most logical answer is no. All these cops were physically on the asphalt of the main street between the gun store and Little Caesar's. The firefight happened there and there only. If Hell_onwheels2AD is asked where he killed me a minute after I shot Cipherion, it was there. This was in the same location, and was a part of the same incident that originally stemmed from a traffic stop. As such, all these events are roleplay and not RDM.

Time of Occurrence: 07/09/23
Additional members involved/witnessing:  Antserfishy , Hell_onwheels2AD , froggboy5555

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Y


ban appeal evidence.png

On Sunday, July 9th 2023 at approximately 19:45 hours, I arrived on scene of a foot pursuit occurring at the Little Caesar's. This foot pursuit was involving approximately 2 unidentified deputies, myself, and the suspect Antserfishy. I remained in my vehicle as I observed the deputies chase S/Antserfishy onto the road. At this time, I exited my vehicle, unholstered my service weapon (my pistol, NOT a rifle as stated in this appeal) and placed S/Antserfishy at gunpoint. I was located on the right side of my vehicle, and the line of fire was northbound on the main street. No civilians, deputies, or otherwise were visible from my point of view nor were any in the crossfire. No person(s) other than S/Antserfishy were placed at gunpoint by myself.

At this time, S/Antserfishy proned out, produced a firearm, and fired shots and me and pursuing deputies. I was hit non-lethally by the S/Antserfishy's gunfire. I returned fire from the position previously indicated (right side of my vehicle, no person(s) in sight) and neutralized the threat at exactly 19:48:17 hours (as indicated by kill-logs).

At this point, I was holding the downed S/Antserfishy at gunpoint. Again, I would like to reiterate that NO other person(s) were in crossfire and/or sight, and I was using my service pistol as contrary to the "rifle" stated in the appeal.

At exactly 19:48:21, without warning, while holding the downed suspect at gunpoint, I was inexplicably killed from a location I am unaware of. The kill log indicated that I was killed by a "nathan88fox". I can only assume that the kill log of (presumably) deputy Huyayatae was again, another deputy involved in the foot pursuit and not involved at all in the appealing user's interaction.

Importantly, I would also like to note that user "nathan88fox" had been killing LEO officials so frequently in this server, that multiple officers came over the radio to advise that he was "kill on sight" and that he was going to "most likely try to kill any cop interacting with him".

It is of my personal opinion that "nathan88fox" provides exactly ZERO quality roleplay to Perris, and that they most likely attempt to "bait" interactions with law enforcement to justify random killing.

I took the time to count "nathan88fox" kill logs only from TODAY's date (July 9th) and ascertained that out of the 30 results, 24 of them were logs in which "nathan88fox" was the killer. It should also be noted that these logs are only from the times of 19:03:32 to 19:51:20. In only 48 minutes, "nathan88fox" killed 24 individuals. If this ISN'T the roleplay you wish to have in Perris, I urge you to deny this appeal.


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Do you or any of the officers who were Involved / typing In the radio about nathan88fox have any for of evidence to back your statement up? Screen-shots, videos anything?

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