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Jul 7, 2023
Roblox Username: Discord Tag (cyraxy): Your RP Name: Something Sanchez Ban Length: Banning Staff Member: (@Ash_Division)  Ban Reason: ''Abuse Of Teams'' ''Camping'' Why I should be unbanned:

Statement Cy_raxy, me:

My name is Cy_raxy, I've been falsely reported/Banned in the game San Dimas for the reason ''Abuse Of Teams'' ''Camping''. Yesterday I played the game with a partner of mine in the game San Dimas on the team SDPD, I've been patrolling the game for 15 to 34 minutes. After those patrol minutes, I saw the car grey BMW making an illegal turn, In that time I was about to pull him over for that, but after that, I saw that he had a gun with him (Open Carry) I told him (Tristan_Division) that he cannot have that with him because it is against the law California Penal Code 26350 PC you can search it up, at the traffic stop he was notified about it and instead choose to flee which did not go well with his car being blown up and died. He came back and we were still at the scene of the accident that occurred at the Gun Store, the person (Tristan_Division) came back with his car all that completely fine New Life Rule, I told him if he is going to buy a gun make sure you have it in your trunk or house not with you because you will then violate California Penal Code 26350 PC (Open Carry), the individual (Tristan_Division) was free to leave to do his things instead he stayed there escalated things by accusing me for ''Camping'' which he told Ash_Division and then decided to permanently ban me for things I did not commit nor the intention to do such things. 

Statement Ex_aeq/partner witness:

We were Yesterday (7-7-2023) CEST playing San Dimas. We (Cy_raxy and I Ex_aeq) were playing as cops. We drove by the gun store and saw an individual with a gun in his hands in front of the store. We made contact with the offender and made him know that he is not allowed to openly carry a gun. He was very aggressive and made multiple attempts to get away. We tried to run Cy_raxy over. This was also the point where we drew our weapons and began shooting at the vehicle. Just after the intersection south of the gun store the car exploded and the offender was seen running away from the exploding vehicle. Another officer who joined our pursuit took down the offender. We walked back to our vehicle (we didn't run because of the empty stamina). At the same time that we reached our vehicle the same offender came towards us. And told him the same thing as earlier. "Open carry is not allowed". He was very educated towards us. It wasn't our intention to harass him or make his (in-game) life harder or whatever. After a couple of minutes, a staff member teleported to us and banned Cy_raxy right away. He didn't even listen to our side of the story. So I find it very unfair that he got banned because of this. Feel free to contact me for any further questions about this incident at Ex_aeq.

Also a phew of screenshots taken by me. The person that reported to me was not so sure about the situation and probably does not have video evidence of the incident that occurred shown here. and

Time of
Occurrence: 08/07/2023, 01:59:37  Additional members involved/witnessing: Yes, my partner Ex_aeq Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes

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