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Ban Appeal

I was recently banned for RDM x1 on an officer, and I would like to explain why I killed the officer. Me and my friend were doing an RP of us being serial killers, and the cops knew that me and my friend were murderers and had a bolo out for our clothing so every time a LEO seen us in the parking lot of GS or walking on the sidewalk, they would jump out their car and start shooting us on sight. Other LEOS weren't bothered by us killing them because they knew we were dangerous to approach, and they also kept shooting and breaking NLR. I understand that when I jumped on the car of the LEO and shot the windshield that it was technically FRP because it wasn't realistic but when she got out and pulled her gun then we both started shooting each other and I won the gunfight. I'm sorry that it counted has a RDM and I will also apologize to the person I killed. I hope that I can have a final chance of being a part of the game and continue to buy the memberships to help out the Mountain Interactive group with funding.
Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day!