Ban Appeal


  • Apr 20, 2023
    Roblox Username: 5xatz
    Discord Tag: swattings.
    Your RP Name: Forgot it.

    Ban Length: Permanent
    Banning Staff Member: Pim_Division, 647151432830681098

    Ban Reason: Server NSFW
    Why I should be unbanned: I used this appeal last time and I got denied, my reasoning for what happened is I saved an image someone posted in the server which I accidently clicked on instead of a screenshot I took of the chat. The two images linked show what I intended to post, and how it was easy for me to accidently click the wrong image. I do not want to expose underage people to this content and never would try to, this was a genuine accident that I really hated making. I want to be able to join the community again as I purchased stuff on the game, and really enjoyed playing it. I miss playing it and hopefully can return, It was a mistake I made and I never will make a mistake like that again. I've learned to check what I'm posting before sending it, as I could've misclicked and hit something else.

    Time of Occurrence: 4/28/2023, 8:20:21 PM.
    Additional members involved/witnessing: Unknown.

    Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: (Y/N) Yes.


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