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Apr 13, 2023
Roblox Username: thanhqiap6
Discord Tag (Ex. Discord#0001): aaaaahhah #7070
Your RP Name: doest have

Ban Length: 2320-1-1
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @Ashi_Division Ashi must answer me

Ban Reason: expolit,alt,network activy?
Why I should be unbanned:I believe this is a mistake, while around the evening (Vietnam time) at that time I was victor vally when suddenly I received a message from Ash he told me "you are using 3 accounts" alt please explain why" actually I admit that I do use it but at that time I received a message from the game saying "spam raido" and I logged out and back in but it still didn't work in my head came up with an idea i decided to take my alt acc because i was playing with a very friendly stranger so i got the above message and so i got banned if i am exploier why i Do many appeal messages like this? because I just enjoyed the game less than 2 hours and the remaining minutes I have been trying to figure out how to verify my discord account I have written many such messages but no one believes what I say, I know I alt is wrong but about the exploit, why did I keep appealing about it but mostly just listen to Ash. There was an admin who told me "after researching I found that you really exploit in our game APPEAL DENIEAL" I won't give up until I get unbanned and ash he doesn't listen to me, if you're David please reconsider(so web of synape X  dont work so i cant send you the proof i didnt download it)

Time of Occurrence: Answer this question using
Additional members involved/witnessing: 

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Y


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