Ban Appeal


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May 12, 2023
Roblox Username: dyniking . Discord tag: i am a fish#5932 . RP name : Dave Gallagher .Ban Length: permanent .when i got banned: 7.6.2023 18:25 . banning staff :460363558144966696  Ban Reason: n-word (v-tov) 

why i should get unbanned : i should get unbanned because i learned out of my lesson that i never should say the n-wort in my life i have readed the rules and accept them and i want to get unbanned so i can be a part of the community again , i played this game for the first time and i was falling in love with it so it would be nice to get unbanned i will never insult anybody or say forbidden words, and i will try my best to be a good RP player . 

And (yes) i followed / follow the appeal rules. 

Why i even said the word: i said it because i was triggert as the police just RC me so i said the word but i learned that it would do nothing to say the n-word to a person , i Really apoliges for my behavior and im sorry for the guy that i said to him the n-word. otherwise no one had anything to do with it and therer were no witnesses.                                                                                  

i hope i did the ban appeal right 

if i frogot somthing im sorry

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