Ban Appeal


New member
Jun 8, 2023
Roblox Username:1821badboy
Discord Tag : @𝕁𝕦𝕝𝕚𝕒𝕟™#9590
Your RP Name:( ban was in Victor valley)

Ban Length: PERM Ban
Banning Staff Member:  1010159002476367883 ( Deleted user)

Ban Reason: MRDM/AMRDM ( Just 2 people involved)
Why I should be unbanned:   I should be unbanned from Perris California ( even the victor valley ban Banned me from Perris) Because first, The Moderator that banned me is not in the server no more.  My second reason i should be unbanned is because the Ban was dumb, let me give context, I stole a police car and had a BOLO I stopped near a scene and like I've been in a chase with one of the officers their he notice me and aimed a gun at me. I shot the officer along with another. The moderator jails me and says " yup that's a perm ban"  at the time I told him to let me show him a clip of the officer aiming the gun at me, He did not respond and banned me. I think this moderator was so bad, He was not professional at all and I think he Just abused at that time because it was 2 PEOPLE  that is not MASS RDM. Anyway this is the reason I believe I should be unbanned.

Time of Occurrence:  3/17/2023, 7:40:41 PM
Additional members involved: 2 officers where involved.