Ban appeal

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Apr 12, 2023
Roblox Username: xOnlyEq
Discord Tag (Ex. Discord#0001):  Syphnxzz#0009
Your RP Name: Craig freeman 

Ban Length: Permenantly
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member):  @Pim_Division

Ban Reason: Uhh sending nsfw 
Why I should be unbanned: İ sent it on accident + i was saying since the first day i joined that i was gonna send nsfw accidently some day like joking around it you can ask the wittnes lucid we were talking with her and i was playing gta at the background and i was gon send the mcdonalds employemeent gif but i missclicked and send the funny nsfw gif + Pim was saying things like ''i hope your bike crashes'' ''i hope your bike blows up'' ''i hope you hit a car while riding ur bike'' İ mean ovbiously hes targetting me. + i deleted it after milisenconds and said it was an accident even lucid knows it why would i even do something like that when i just spent 20 dollars wich is 400 tls in my country i aint that dumb + it wasnt something pim saw afterwards he was literally standing there and saw it was a accident + the gif wasnt even fully finished only 1 second of it was and only thing showing before i deleted wich is like milisenconds was the womans lower body the knees and the gun (no it isnt a gore a funny gif ) + i got blacklisted forr only sending nsfw accidenly thats wild

Time of Occurrence:  Around 00:25 00:35 EST +3 
Additional members involved/witnessing: 1 Witness wich was the admin ''Lucid''
Proof of my gif list that i could have missclicked and wich is i did 

Not open for further replies.