Ban Appeal

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Feb 4, 2024
Roblox Username: bacones_areGODS2
Discord ID (Ex. 709881578058285127): 1156005456486072441
Your RP Name: Adam Bell

Ban Length: permanent
Banning Staff Member @Local_Search

Ban Reason:
being a 3 year old retard
Why I should be unbanned:
I should be unbanned because I was just messing around, I am very sorry for acting like that, but I didn't know how I spawned with the radio (might be a bug) and when those people started punching me I used it to call for help. But I ended up messing around a little too much and ended up getting perma banned, I'd like to say I'm sorry and ill never mess around like that again, I understand that actions like that can be annoying or mess up the experience for others. Again, I am sorry and ill never do anything like that again. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Time of Occurrence:
Additional members involved/witnessing: N/A

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes
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Greetings @applesbananas244 ,


Your ban appeal has been declined as you were banned by the owner, meaning your ban shall stay permanently.
For any further questions, or inquiries, feel free contacting our Support Team.

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