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Jul 6, 2023
Roblox Username:DarkAgeKunai Discord Tag (Crash.exe1): Your RP Name: Alex Anderson I think Ban Length:OCT 6 Banning Staff Member (@MysticalFlamez): Answer this question using Ban Reason:RDM x 3  Why I should be unbanned: I really do regret what I did and the game is really fun I love to play it all the time whenever I can because of how fun the roleplay is but I have realized that I break rules time to time I will start reading the rules more and start actually not breaking them I'm very sorry to who ever I RDM And I will do better and not try to do better but just do better in the future I really like this game and I hate it when I get banned I am very deeply very sorry and I really mean that I'm mostly a kind person and I just love to roleplay on the game and I really do regret what I did and I am really sorry for what I did I will do better in the future.  Time of Occurrence: Start Date: 9/30/2023, 6:15:37 PM  Additional members involved/witnessing:No Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes 

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