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Aug 11, 2023
I was with my new friend, and we were near the SRU base. I hopped the SRU fence and got shot at once I hopped the gate.  I hopped back over the gate as I had no weapon to defend myself. 

1.  The SRU officer FRP and technically RDM

My friend then proceeded to open fire on the SRU officer as he was already shooting in our direction shooting me and my friend. My friend had a battle with the officer which he died. The officer healed himself and I healed myself running back to S & K to get a gun.  I waited a little bit and went back near SRU to ask an SRU officer who shot me for no reason. The SRU officer told me which SRU officer shot at me. So, I went over there to ask him why he did that and shot him. I got shot by other officers after shooting him. I respawned, and the SRU officer jailed me for "RDM" and "FRP." So, I got into a little argument with him, and he got mad so he said he will give me a 2nd ban or something. I went over to discord and asked for help from 'Joshie the Husky'. Joshie came and helped me and told Swag_Division what he was doing was wrong. Swag got even more angry and kicked Joshie out of the game for "IWS." 

What I'm saying is that he accused me for RDM AND FRP. Rdm is when you're going to a random person and shooting them for no reason.

Me and Swag obviously had history from that shooting so that's not rdm. And it's not FRP for a criminal to shoot a cop. It's frp to shoot someone only for trespassing as an officer. 

It's pretty hypocritical. 

He also recorded me just shooting him as if I came up to him and shot him for no reason.

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