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Jun 10, 2023
Roblox username : Ivanbestpro

Discord username : Ivanbestpro

Mine rp name : I forgot

Ban length : 12 hours

Banning staff member :


Ban reason : RDM 

Why i should be unbanned :

Cop who i killed drived on me ( runned me over) after this i told him to stop his car , after he attempted running i killed him and took his car , mod clipped all of this and jailed me only after 30+ mins , then after 1 min of jail server crashed , i told about this to mod but he sayd "idc if server crashes or your wifi sucks i will ban you for 5 days " so i didnt even explaned him the situation and server crashed , and he banned me , i also dmed him , but he keep ignoring me.



Hi, @Ivanbestpro

I’m a bit confused by your appeal. You aren’t banned within the discord nor have you ever been banned for 5 days, your clip also does not provide me any context to the situation. Can you please explain further in detail what happened? 

All the best,


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Sup @ArrowSider

This blud banned me for 12 hours 23 of semptember , i made this appeal but noone answered 

He told me rudely that he will ban me for 5 days if i leave (even if i explained i have bad wifi), but all server crashed and he just gaved me ban for 12 hours , and as i already sayd i killed cop for a reason after 30+ minutes passing this mod jailing me in car and telling that i rdmed some cop

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