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ban appeal

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Jul 18, 2023
Roblox user: TaterTot0414

Discord user: m1a2sepv3.

RP name: Matthew Bradley (I think)

Ban length: 5 Days



Ban reason : LTAP

Reason I should be unbanned: First off, let me say I'm sorry for leaving the game, I left the game on accident and tried to join back and joined a different server, I didn't know at that time and I was kicked, I wanted to rejoin the server I was already in to finish the RP. I was banned for LTAP, I then checked Bans to see the clip and it showed a different clip of someone else GTA driving, I was at first confused because I was driving a White Camaro and not a Red BMW M5. If this is a mistake I understand, I would wish to be unbanned or have a reduced ban.

Time of occurrence: 9/14/2023, 4:36:22 PM

Additional members involved/witnessing: Unknown

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes

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