Ban Appeal | 2021FPIU


New member
May 1, 2023
Roblox Username: 2021FPIU | Discord Tag: 2021FPIU#6184 | RP Name: Ella Rodriguez | Ban Length: Permanent | Banning Staff Member: Unknown | Ban Reason: Scam Link | Why I should be unbanned: My discord account was hacked which ultimately led my account vulnerable to the hacker spamming out links to every server I was in. Once after I gained access back into the account I have went ahead and did the best of my ability to delete every link that was sent but I was not able to recover much. Ever since I have added 2 Fac, New Pass, to strength and decrease the likelihood of this event happening again.  | Time of occurence: 2:06 AM 07/10/2023 | Additional Members involved: No.  | Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules: Yes