ACCEPTED (Artemis) BabyAirsoftPrincess's Staff Application

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Feb 22, 2023
Roblox Username: BabyAirsoftPrincess

Roblox ID: 867060807

Link to your Roblox Profile:

Discord Tag (ex. DiscordName#1111): đź–¤Artemisđź–¤#0355

Timezone/Country: EST (United States)

Age: 20 (02/19/2003)

What made you want to apply for a position with MI?: I have always wanted to apply for a position at Mountain Interactive because I really do believe that they need active staff members inside the server, because most of them are usually always busy. I have most of the day to watch over the server and make sure everything that they are supposed to, I'm currently training for my current job so that might limit my time as staff, but I should be able to complete the time required every month. I have tried multiple times to help people as a regular member since staff isn't always available so I help as much as I can without breaking rules. There have been many times where people have broken rules and no one really seems to notice or do anything, so I'm willing to enforce rules that most people don't. I am mostly in game all the time so I will be able to handle most of the RDM'ers and rule breakers that tend to do it a lot. I want to make sure everyone does have a good time within the community and so if I have to enforce rules to a point, I will because I want everyone to feel comfortable. I'm not saying I am perfect in any means; I am a human who has problems. Yes, I am good with coping but sometimes I struggle, I will do my best to keep my temper, so I don't ruin my chance as a staff member. If anything, I will do my best as a human to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable and everyone is safe inside the server. I'm never going to be able to protect everyone because that is impossible, but I will try my best to protect everyone to a point. I am willing to put as much effort into this position when needed, I will be able to show up for staff meetings if yall do have them. I will be able to a lot of things while I'm working because I won't do much in this job, if anyone needs help; I am willing to help in every way possible to my ability. I will always be around whenever someone needs help, I will try my hardest to help but I can't sometimes because some people don't really know how to help in some situations because people sometimes need help and that is completely okay to need help on situations. It doesn't mean that you are incapable of the job, it just means you need help just like you needed help in school on certain assignments. It would be hypocrisy if someone got in trouble for asking for help because everyone needed help at some point in their life.

Considering your strengths and weaknesses, why should we select you?: I think I should be accepted over other applicants because I have what it takes. It's essential to have people who can cope with the pressure and learn and teach as best they can, it is also all about engaging in activities with the community. Whether this is by events or helping out with staff sits, I have the knowledge and integrity to help out where possible or impossible. I am active, fun, friendly, and fair, but most important, serious whenever I need to be. If people break the rules, they need to know and understand what they did wrong to provide the best gaming experience, and teaching these people what they did wrong will prevent them from doing the same thing again. I want to help out and make sure people stick to the rules, reflecting on my former garrysmod server administrator experiences, I've been dealing with many people with questions. I coped with many situations that I could withstand and solve correctly. I believe that I have some qualities that other applicants may not have. I'm mature, patient, well-behaved, strict, and mean (when needed). I believe my experience sets me apart from some of the other applicants. I enjoy helping and speaking to people and always try to develop an excellent example for others. As a player, you want to recognize that your server has a good and solid staff team willing to help. I can be one of those people. I understand the rules, and I take the time to investigate the scene before deciding. I am always willing to listen to any questions or complaints if anyone does need help within the server, I am always willing to help to the best of my ability and will try to help if another staff member needs help. I will never intervene in another staff scene unless asked to because that would look bad on me if I tried to do anything that another staff member is already handling; if they do ask for help, I will help them in any way that I can with my current position within the staff team. If they need help that I can't help them with, I will ask for help from another staff member that is willing to help me with what I need on that scene; but I know most of what to do during staff situations from my past experiences but sometimes I won't know how to deal with situations because some might past my experience level.

Do you have any staffing experience in other communities?: I have many experiences as a staff member in other communities, I used to run a roleplay community about a year or two ago and it went really successful until my partner decided to remove many members, so I had to rework my way up, I have since gave up on running a server and I have severe trust issues because of that experience. I have been administrator in a few servers especially in some popular servers when they were popular before they shut down. I am not saying that I am the best staff member because of my experiences because that is completely false in so many ways; I am only a human with experience in certain positions. I will never call myself better than someone that is a staff member because everyone has different experiences as a staff member and have been trained differently in the past, I'm always willing to help a staff member from my experiences if they absolutely need it. I have been in a few communities like BCRP, NYESRP, NYFRP, MSRP, SSRP and I have always done my job as a staff member because that is what I want to do which is protect people in ways that some people can't. I'm not going to say that I'm the best because look, there has been multiple people who have had 4+ years of staff experience, I have had three and some of them have been bad experiences because I was new to being staff and I never knew how to properly do my job as a staff member because everyone starts somewhere in their life. I have been in multiple staff ride-alongs in the past to see how they do their job and some of them do things differently and that is part of the fun, you can't really tell someone how to exactly do something because they have past experiences of their job and that is completely okay to do things differently because that is what makes people unique.

Have you ever been a member of Staff with MI, or a Mentor with MI?: I don't remember if I have or not, it has been a while so I'm not going to say I was since I honestly can't remember if I was a staff member or not.

Were you referred to apply by a current member of staff? If yes, who?: vy_ea.#1804

Did you review the Staff requirements? (y/n) Yes.

Did you spellcheck your application? (y/n) Yes.


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Feb 20, 2023
San Antonio, Texas
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