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May 17, 2023
Roblox Username: Blaze23347 Discord Tag What_Da: Your RP Name: Miles (Something) Ban Length: 12 hours Answer this question using Banning Staff Member: 660580051657555980(@Little_Division):  Ban Reason: Random Deatchmatch(I assume they meant Deathmatch) Why I should be unbanned: Well, There was an entire situation before hand with this guy he didn't record, however only submitted a clip of the ending, when I shot him. He was in the driver seat of a car I had spawned, He had been doing this to me for awhile, at one point I had enough and shot him. I'd think i was being fairly patient considering anytime I try to steal a car in perris i get shot on sight. While I understand I don't have footage to confirm this, I also feel the clip doesn't show enough of either sides to constitute a conclusive ending. It's only a 12 hour ban but seeing as i dont have a moderation record I wanted to appeal to see if I could maybe get this cleared up. Time of Occurrence: 7/4/2023, 11:42:14 PM  Additional members involved/witnessing: Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: y