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Aug 17, 2023
My Roblox nickname is Aleyuvaletusjr I was driving to town with my bentley then this guy drive back and hit to my car then he said "what are you doing sir." and "middle on the road" then i realised he gonna shot and kill me and i point my AK but he killed me then i called for help but he left the server and my medal recording is disabled. After 1 days or a few hours later i found him on server and i said "THATS THE GUY WHO RDMED ME" And shoot him with my shotgun then this guy recorded then he half assedly said this to the staff then i get banned 3 days by milk rookie. And when i spawn a car he trying to steal my car or sits my car so he harassing me.

RDM's record: 


My Record:  ,

Crazyspartan93's RDM record:

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