APPEAL for False claim of RDM/FRP

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May 9, 2023
I was falsely banned for RDM/FRP.

Reason: There was a taxi with 3 armed suspects who were firing at officers and doing drive by's. I made the decision to shoot the driver. I made that choice because If I didn't they would of continued reeking havic on other officers, possibly even killing some, or me.

Here is their clip: If you look at the guys inventory he is armed with a long rifle and a sidearm, I knew this because he was also shooting at me before this clip.

here is mine showing you what they do after I pit maneuver their car:

If you look at my record I have never gotten a warning or a kick or even a ban, but now I am being falsely accused of RDM/FRP. Please if you can remove this from my record.

I have a picture of the radio chatter talking about the taxi and how we should stop it.

Screenshot (225).png

Uncertainty Of Appeal

This is a late response and I know that your ban has expired since then, however I do not see the RDM factor of this, but I do see the FRP factor. 

Roleplay was initiated between you and the driver and the other passengers, so this wouldn't be RDM if you shot them, with LFA obviously.

However, it is debatable if it was lawful for you to shoot the driver as they were not an immediate threat in that moment. It would have been appropriate to shoot them if they had hit your person with their vehicle, drew a weapon, or posed an immediate danger to the surrounding civilians, however there was no one nearby and their vehicle was stationary.

I suggest that you open a ticket here and explain that Joanna directed you there to get another moderator's opinion on the ban and provide them with both of the videos.



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