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May 14, 2023
Roblox Username: whoarey8
Your RP Name: Cruitus Baker
Ban Length: Perm
Answer this question using Banning Staff Member (mention the staff member): matt221004#0
Answer this question using Ban Reason: RDM x1
Answer this question using Why I should be unbanned: I think that the clip was completely miss understood and taken way out of context. Previously I was robbing the girl and she had pull a weapon out so when my partner entered her car I figured that she would fire upon him and kill him because she was armed. Her partner was also armed, and all I wanted to do was take the car. They had also previously killed me. ( I do not have a clip)
Time of Occurrence: ~ 25 - 30 Minutes ago
Answer this question using Additional members involved/witnessing: I'm not aware of his username, but he was the one that was in the car.
Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes.

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I'm gonna go ahead and deny the appeal. The video used as evidence shows no RP involving you. It just shows you walking up and killing the victim for no reason. You also have 3 previous bans for RDM showing you are a repeat offender. We value our rules here and show no leniency to those who break them. We want good quality RP in our servers and as a repeat offender you have shown no interest in that. 

Moderator GlockOps

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