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May 12, 2023
Roblox USERNAME: LolShoxt. Discord tag k.9285. I was banned for mass rdm and i admit i have done it, i wont deny or blame someone else for my actions, i was irritated and i rdmed trying to aim for 1 person while there was a group of 5 people they were very close together but also i wasnt in the video. I never been perm banned but probably just a warning and 2 day ban i think, it was a while ago. also my ban report is false saying i killed 5-6 people when inside the video you would see 3 downed. i have learned my lesson as soon after i made that mistake knowing i would be banned sooner or later after that incident. Why should i be unbanned?: i learned not to rdm i only rdm'ed that 1 person and the other 2 were an accident i promise not to rdm again.

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Appeal Denied, you can even look at Kill-Logs which show you killed more than 3.

You also have history, 2 previous bans for Random Death-Match.

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