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Apr 8, 2023
Roblox Username: 2lxow1 Discord tag (✞ 𝓛𝓸𝔀 ✞ #4490) Your Rp Name: Diego Alvarez Ban Length: Perm Ban Permanent banning staff member: 357719330634334208 @Zackkidi Ban Reason: Random Death Match: Why I should be unbanned: I shot the individual because he hopped on the bike i got robbed someone for I then shot him but it clearly doesn't show that I killed him it shows I killed him an hour before the situation because he kept respawning at little ceasars and kept shooting me and my partner and multiple more officers and deputys. And there was a female who was saying she would get on her knees for staff to let her go out of the box. I then accidentally opened roblox again while I had it open and I told the staff member that I did that I then joined back automatically and ran to the staff member to see if I was good and he just said "do you know what your records look like" I than stood there for around 5 minutes then he never typed again so I started walking around and got in a car than I got banned for 3 days then got unbanned than got perm banned. And clip never actually showed me shooting the guy.

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