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Jul 13, 2023
Roblox Username: Dariusda_goat  Discord tag: Darius#6860  Rp name: Darius Jordan   Ban Lenth: Perm    Banning staff member: cannot remember   Ban Reason: V-Tos   Why I should be unbanned:  I've been banned on Perris for about 3 months It started when I started to arrest someone and I guessed they said he rdmed me and they banned him I told them I didn't want him banned because I tried to arrest him which is a valid reason to shoot someone. Later when staff was solving an issue about an actual problem I interfered and told them "They were finally doing something about someone actually doing something bad". Then they said, "I'm going to ban you if you do not leave the scene" I told them "I do not care because you're mad that I called you out on doing what your job is". All of this caused me to get permanently banned from the game Perris, California because they said it was V-TOS if you consider unbanning me I would appreciate it if you do not decide to, I still appreciate you for taking the time to hear me out. Time of occurrence: cannot remember. 

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