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Aug 11, 2023
I totally understand the fact that I was banned and that this is how the "mountain interactive" community works but I do not accept the fact that this ban is permanent, because as a platinum member I give money because I want, just like you, that Perris, California works and improves because I love this game and this community with which I really have a great time, staff and players alike. I glitched thinking that I could enter the building and it wasn't quite a glitch like for me, it was just a building. For the RDM, I have nothing to say except that I thought it was an officer who was shooting at me earlier, an error of observation on my part. And for the fact that I left the game shortly after, it's simply because I'm in Europe and it was time for me to go back to class. Thank you for your understanding and for doing so much to give us the best possible experience on your game and community.

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