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May 12, 2023
Roblox Username: Curtis56239

Discord Tag jaso#9554

Your RP Name: Adam Boyer

Ban Length: 3 days.

Banning Staff Member: @ba_s#0  And Xollare

Ban Reason: RDM x2.

 Why I should be unbanned: 

as I was banned for RDM X2, And it was yesturday,   So peacetime was turned on for 3 mins and when it was done it turned back on for 7 and repeat, THEN Text on the screen was spamming “no shooting etc”     It spammed like 10 times.        Then I went into perris, and saw the military stuff, AND A GUY THAT WAS NEON, So I assumed its him, because They are FRPING the skin,  So I asked if they are the abusive admin and they said, “say it again” So I repeated to make sure he got it,

As well I saw a person jailed and no admin so Another hint.

Then when I knew he was the “abusive admin” I shot him and killed him               to let him know “we don’t like it” and then he teleported back and I did not shoot, but he pulled a gun, So I shot back.

Them he jailed me and I was like LOL you wont get away.   Then banned me           THE THING IS NOTHING WAS IN THE DISCORD          SO HOW WOULD WE KNOW      PLEASE IM SORRY :(

Time of Occurrence:  9/19/2023 8:09:45 PM

 Additional members involved/witnessing:  No.

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Y

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