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Sep 17, 2023
Roblox Username: Jack_ACKSON Discord Tag (Ex. Discord#0001):jack_backup Your RP Name: Jackson Adams Ban Length: 9/17/2023 Banning Staff Member (@motorbike_ridr to mention the staff member): Ban Reason: MRDM, NLR,NITRP   Why I should be unbanned: I was playing whit my freinds when one of them take some time to drop me a gun (its broken but still drops after spawn) Theres a huge fight out at LC and the Gunstore. So  the 4 of us wanted to intervene. I was on vc whit Rourset and xkuiu and even tho when i didint have guns. Still, cops killed me relentlessy i was innocent. In those clips it shows me killing cops (gun in hand/shooting) so i had a right to shoot him, Who was shooting my teammate. In the vc we were so confused why we were jailed. Even though im new to this game i never knew what NITRP and MRDM is. Some other guys told me that there were no mods. Ofcourse we didint break the rules right away. (before LC) i got killed somewhere and i respawned at LC theres when the Huge fight had started Cops rdming me and im Shooting back.  And suddenly i get teleported in jail. Even though the cops are doing the same thing.  I also never got to use my NLR as i leave LC and get shot directly. Time of Occurrence:9/17/2023 1:41:31 AM CEST  Additional members involved/witnessing:rourset,xkuiu,revvyjrrboy Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: (Yes 

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Hello @2018GA223NG

Unfortunately, You won't be receiving an unban or shorten ban time. After reviewing all the proof and evidence provided against you, Everything show in each clip shows to be true and is indeed "MRDM + NITRP + Breaking NLR  + others".  Maybe in the future if you do decided to appeal again it will be reviewed. Thank you for understanding.

Have a great day.

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