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May 15, 2023
Roblox Username: Jakesimba22
Discord Tag (Ex. Discord#0001):  Simba#2316
Your RP Name: Anderson Johnson

Ban Length: Answer this question using 2 days

Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): Answer this question using TrafficCone#0579

Ban Reason: Answer this question using RDM/FRP

Why I should be unbanned: I am usually great at rp and love rping on this server. On this day, the player who reported me had been following me around harassing me about why Im pulling people over, and getting in the way of me rping, so yes I did rdm him. I had tried the !help but it said no staff were available. He was ruining all of my rp scenarios while repeating he was dea, and after a few interactions I had enough. It wasnt the correct way to handle the situation and I will start recording from now on. Even in the video he had as evidence, he rolls up on a traffic stop of mine and starts interfering. And hopefully its in the video of his but he started yelling at me in rto aswell. Either way, I should have found a different server, but hindsight is 20//20.

Time of Occurrence: Answer this question using 8:52pm Yesterday the 24th.

Additional members involved/witnessing: 

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: (Y/N) Yes

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Thank you for contacting support. I've gone ahead and reviewed the clips as well as your statement and have chosen to DENY your appeal to be unbanned. Keep in mind it is only a two day ban. 

All the best,
Mountain Interactive

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