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Apr 18, 2023
Roblox Username: MasterShan19
Discord Tag (Ex. Discord#0001): mrshan
Your RP Name: Walter Whitehead

Ban Length: Answer this question using Perm Ban
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): Answer this question using I think it was David (the website doesn't tell me or I'm stupid as hell)

Ban Reason: Answer this question using "Asking David's OF", I was trolled by some dude in a public server, I was cruising around as a sheriff, and see this other dude in a nicer car, so I ask him, "What model is that", he said to me that it was a premium car and that he got it by subscribing to "David's OF". Since I'm not a native speaker and stuff like that, at the start I didn't really knew what he was talking about, so I just asked in the Discord Server what the hell was that, and then I got banned because I'm a "Wierdo" 
Why I should be unbanned: It was a mistake, I should've known what OF meant before asking in the Discord, also, it's that dudes fault for telling me that lol.

Time of Occurrence: Answer this question using
Additional members involved/witnessing: Some guy answered me what it meant in the Discord, and also the guy who told me the OF ****.

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: (Y/N) Yeah, I'm a somewhat active member and I regularly check the game's updates.

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