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Aug 13, 2023
Roblox Username:fashionteriak  Discord Tag: brunoviski3986 Your RP Name: i don't remember exactly but it was michael something Ban Length: 2320/1/01 Banning Staff Member: N/A(i don't know) Ban Reason: LTAP/RTAA Why I should be unbanned:
I'll be very honest, I don't know why I was banned, I think my mistake was that I didn't look for you when I was unjustly banned, that ban was on victor valey , and as far as I remember there was a time when that your rookie staffs were banning people for no reason or without knowing the real story, this ban was a long time ago i wanted to be unbanned because i wanted to test and play this new game you guys made if i really did something i wanted to tell you apologize.
Time of Occurrence: 
I don't remember but I think it was December or January of that year

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