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New member
Apr 8, 2023
Roblox Username:AmProBoatSailer
Discord Tag (ltsclose)
Your RP Name:Do not remember.

Ban Length: Permantantly Banned
Banning Staff Member (@514517287496318978)

Ban Reason:RDM, FRP
Why I should be unbanned:I should be unbanned because our friend we was trying to call was being arrested and we needed him, so we found him near the houses and we got mad at the arresting officer so a friend of my friends tried to pull the gun out of the officers holster, by him failing so I also tried and did it. The officer did not try and stop my friend nor me, resulting in his death. He claimed that if I remember so "He will still be in the cuffs" as I waited for him to let my friend go, he did not so I shot him.

Time of Occurrence:30/07/2023, 19:05:47
Additional members involved/witnessing: my friend, discord tag _cyka. And my friends other friends who I do not have friended. 

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Team Notes: There was no documentation related to your permanent ban, thus you have two bans on record and one warning. Your fourth ban will be for permanent.
Hello, @AmProBoatSailer

Your appeal has been accepted and you have been unbanned from all games under Mountain Interactive Corp.

Have a good day.
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