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Jun 11, 2023
Roblox Username: Yukie_Yuh Discord Tag: Yuke_division  Your RP Name: David Gonzalez.  Ban Length:3 Days. Banning Staff Member 514517287496318978 Answer this question using \ Ban RDM FRP Reason:  Why I should be unbanned: So ok, I was laggy as hell and I turn the corner and I lag spike and it hits a cop and doesn't kill him But I hit him. Then he Cuffed me in my car and I said " NRL NRL" And  "!help" Then He cuffs me Then he put me in his car and then takes me out then I take out my gun and misclicked his body and shot him. Time of Occurrence: 7/29/2023 5:28:47 Pm 

 Additional members involved/witnessing: Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules.: Y

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