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Sep 10, 2023
Reno, NV
Roblox Username: Captain_Man2014
Discord Tag (Ex. Discord#0001): Captain_MD80_727
Your RP Name: D. Davenport

Warn issuing Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @Firefighter_Andrew

Warning Reason: FRP
Why I should have the warning Expunged:  I am kindly asking for my warning to be expunged as it was my very first time on the server and I had stopped someone on a motorcycle for speeding and felony evasion. Once I roleplayed the traffic stop and explained to the suspect that he was being arrested for felony evasion and carrying unlicensed firearms in his backpack. I placed him in Handcuffs and he got mad at me for arresting him and he ran and took off running from me. As I chased him on foot and got close to him I clicked on him to grab ahold of him. I did not know we were supposed to use the Taser to stop someone who is running. I was trying to catch him without having to use a weapon, (this was my train of thought on this). Only after I did this a staff member named @Firefighter_Andrew walked up to me and told me I have to use my taser to stop someone not clicking. At the time I did NOT know this. I apologized to both the staff member and the suspect and because of this I only booked the suspect for the Felony Evasion and not the weapons, I was trying to be fair and kind all around since I made a mistake (Unknown to me at the time until I was told) by not using my taser. After booking the suspect I went and read the rules on the forum so I would know what someone can and cannot do on the server and since then I have been and always will follow all the rules both on the server, forums and discord.  I kindly ask to have this warning lifted please as I would like to join the staff someday and having this on my record would stop that from happening. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Time of Occurrence: I am unable to see this on the list so I don't know, It was my very first time on the server.
Additional members involved/witnessing: Unknown Player as my warning isn't showing up on the warning list.

Read, understood, and followed warning appeal rules?: Yes

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Hey, @CaptWalton



Your appeal has been accepted, and your warning will be taken away.

Have a good day.
Thank you for allow this request to be approved. 

Have a good day! 

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