Appeal Accepted

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Sep 21, 2023
Roblox Username: Touched_pork
Discord Tag: touched_pork
Your RP Name: Billy Bob

Ban Length: Perm Banned
Banning Staff Member: XINK#5409

Ban Reason: RDM, LTAP
Why I should be unbanned: The reason why I should be unbanned is because I was  roleplaying a drive-by but did not I did not fully realize that it counted as RDM. I have waited 6 months before submitting an appeal so that I can reflect on what I did. I have reread the rules so that in future instances, I know what I can roleplay and what I can not roleplay. I hope you can accept this appeal and I look forwards in the future to roleplay in this server again.

Time of Occurrence: 3/16/2023, 5:56:22 PM
Additional members involved/witnessing: N/A

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Y

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