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Sep 6, 2023
Roblox Username: weluvgabe
Discord Tag (Ex. Discord#0001): wtfgabe
Your RP Name: Gabe Rivers

Ban Length: Permanent
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @Tristan_Division

Ban Reason: Mass RDM
Why I should be unbanned: Well, I feel I should be unbanned as I really just feel like I learned from what I did. At first It became a big time shootout in spawn and I will be honest that was a bad look on me as I kept shooting at everyone who was involved in the mini "war" going on. I no longer have those intentions as I really just want to get back and involved in the community, I was previously in this server for a long time and even went as far as to buy Lifetime Donator or VIP whatever the package was when it was released in its time and I would just like to enjoy coming back and enjoying the roleplay this community does offer for those who are focused on LEO. I've been focused on LEO kinda my whole life and ROBLOX was basically my whole childhood so seeing these type of advanced games now in this time is pretty cool to see honestly as before it was just a bunch of free models and lego pieces driving around a map. I'd really appreciate if this was just appealed, I understand as a staff member how annoying Mass RDMing can be and obviously seeing it its not something that's really fun for those involved in the RDMing itself.

Time of Occurrence: 12/22/2022, 11:44:44 AM
Additional members involved/witnessing: 

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Hello @weluvgabe

Team Notes: Hello, You were never banned under the name "weluvgabe" unless its another account please make another Unban Appeal and @iiCuffy, If it isn't your Appeal has been accepted.
Your appeal has been accepted and you have been unbanned from all games under Mountain Interactive Corp.

Have a good day. 

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