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May 13, 2023
Roblox Username: Mic9188
Discord Tag: Mic
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Ban Length: Answer this question using: permanent 

Banning Staff Member: 216365449519169537

Ban Reason: RDM x3 during one strike period 

Why I should be unbanned: I believe I had done no wrong doing. I was simply assisting in a traffic stop. Near the DMV area when I person suddenly started shooting and rdming everyone. I shot back and shot three on accident in the process. Which I never intended to or wanted to kill them. It was simply crossfire and a slight of my stupidity. Anyways moving on the rdmer had been killed. And moved on with Rping 10 minutes later I was approached by moderator pilotcade#0 in which I was given a ban for RDM x3 I accepted it and moved on with life. I just wanna try getting unbanned because I believe me getting banned was underly stupid and a misunderstanding. I’m not stupid I knew I had a one strike policy, and to top off on that I had bought membership. I didn’t want to get banned as I had spent money on the game. I just wanted to enjoy your guys good game and have fun Rping. Please if you can possible help it would be appreciated.

Time of Occurrence: 9/3/2023

Additional members involved/witnessing: the moderator himself 

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: yes (evidence)


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