Apologize and explain of the permanant ban

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Aug 11, 2023
Roblox username: roblat1125

Discord username: roblat1125#7039

RP name: Aiden Conway

Ban Lenght: Permanantly

Banning staff member: @R_xLuv

Ban reason : RDM; Glitching; Leaving to avoid punishment

Why should i be unbanned: I completely understand the fact that I have been banned and that this is how the "mountain interactive" community works but I do not accept the fact that this ban is permanent, because as a platinum member I give money because I want, just like you, for Perris, California to work and improve because I love this game and this community with whom I have a really good time, staff and players alike. I had a problem thinking I could enter the building and it wasn't really a problem for me, it was just a building. For the RDM, I have nothing to say except that I thought it was an officer who was shooting at me earlier, an observation error on my part. And if I left the game shortly after, it was simply because I was in Europe and it was time for me to go back to class. I am sorry and hope to be there for the perris 3.0, i was very excited about it.

Time of Occurence: 03.10.2023, 1:19 PM

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